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Making the Air Smell Sweet in your Washroom

Date : 06 Sep 2017  ·  Category : All
A bathroom may not sound like the ideal place to breathe deeply and enjoy the fresh air, but there are ways in which you can make your washroom smell sweeter and you’ll be part of a growing trend! It has officially been revealed that demand for air fresheners is rising, thanks to stable growth over the past five years and innovations in air freshener products, everyone it seems now wants to have their chosen aromas in the bathroom.When it comes to improving bathroom ambience you have two important choices – use an aerosol air freshener or an automatic dispenser. Both can effectively remove and mask odours, but which is most suitable for your facilities? Spray air fresheners are the cost-effective solution to washroom odours. Small and easy to store and simple to use, these products come in a wide range of scents and can last for up to 6 hours. They are also the popular choice, with over half of Brits saying they have used sprays and aerosols over the last twelve months*. Automatic air freshener dispensers have the added benefit of keeping the washroom smelling fresh 24 hours a day, thanks to their automatic spray intervals. These can be set to dispense every five to twenty-five minutes and also feature a quick burst button to give a manual top-up when needed. If you are worried about air fresheners being removed from your public facility, then opting for the wall mounted automatic dispenser might be the sensible decision. From coffee to cranberry, citrus to fresh linen, whatever aroma you want, make
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Calling All Pubs and Restaurants. Why You Need Top Notch Washroom Facilities

Date : 10 Aug 2017  ·  Category : All
There are many things that you should consider when it comes to your washroom facilities – and here, we explore the top toilet topics that are sure to affect your bottom line.
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Hot Topic - Baby Changing Facilities for Dads

Date : 11 Jul 2017  ·  Category : All
There’s a longstanding debate in the media about the lack of baby changing facilities for dads to use, with men campaigning for high street stores, restaurants and even hospitals to provide baby changing facilities that they can access.
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How Touchless Technology Promotes Hand Hygiene

Date : 08 Jun 2017  ·  Category : All
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), adequate hand hygiene can reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections, and has the potential to save eight million lives in hospital alone. This clearly demonstrates the importance of washing and drying your hands effectively, and the potential risk that unwashed hands can pose.
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Staying Safe in Public Toilets - Germs and How to Avoid Them

Date : 05 May 2017  ·  Category : All
Hands are like transport networks for bacteria, viruses and germs, allowing them to be passed on quickly and effortlessly. So when you go to a public toilet, you may be wondering how to protect yourself from a multitude of bugs that are ready to pounce and make you ill.
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Is Your Workplace Safe? Save Lives, Clean Your Hands 2017

Date : 06 Apr 2017  ·  Category : All
Established by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the global Save Lives Clean Your Hands initiative will aim to improve awareness of hand hygiene in health care. Taking place on the 5th May, the event is an extension of the organisation’s Clean Care is Safer Care work challenge, in a bid to stop the spread of antibiotic resistance.
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Is Your Business Family Friendly? Part 2 Nappy Waste Disposal

Date : 22 Feb 2017  ·  Category : All
Is your business baby friendly? If you are public facing, baby changing facilities are essential. Even if you do provide a baby changing unit and nappy waste disposal facilities, it’s important to consider if these facilities are provided for fathers as well as mothers. An inclusive business is a family friendly business.
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Is Your Business Family Friendly? Part 1 - Baby Changing Facilities

Date : 05 Jan 2017  ·  Category : All
For many years in the UK, finding adequate baby changing facilities was like hunting for a needle in a haystack. Luckily, as a nation we have become more attuned to taking our children out and about with us, and businesses have cottoned on to this and have rightly developed areas where a parent can take their child to change their nappy. Let’s face it, lying a mat down on the floor of the pub, restaurant or café was never hygienic or comfortable!
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