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Hot Topic - Baby Changing Facilities for Dads

Date : 11 Jul 2017  ·  Category : All

There’s a longstanding debate in the media about the lack of baby changing facilities for dads to use, with men campaigning for high street stores, restaurants and even hospitals to provide baby changing facilities that they can access.

More than ever, dads are now taking a hands on role in parenting and public facilities need to reflect this by providing safe and hygienic places for dads to change their children. The issue was highlighted in the US by celebrity Ashton Kutcher and brought about policy change, and in the UK father of three Al Ferguson made an undercover film to highlight the poor provision for changing facilities in public places.

While many public places have unisex disabled toilets with changing tables, mats and nappy disposal bins, many only have facilities inside the women’s toilets. That’s why at SP Hygiene, we think it’s important to be ahead of the game and to cater for the modern family where dad might be taking the reins. We have numerous options that can be installed at a reasonable cost, such as the following baby changing systems:

ASI 9012 Horizontal Baby Change Unit

This modern baby change unit is made from 100% high-density polyethylene and provides a sturdy concave surface for ease of use. It has been assembled of completely sealed components to provide easy cleaning and no penetration zones to harbour microbes or bacteria. £107 ex VAT.

baby change unit

ASI 9014 Horizontal Baby Change Unit - Wall Mounted

This model has a pull handle and hidden damped gas spring, making it easy to operate with one hand. It can support a static load of 300lbs and its two-part vinyl-coated, adjustable safety strap ensures child protection. £157.95 ex VAT.

baby changing unit

ASI 9013 Recessed Stainless Steel Baby Change Unit

This baby changing unit features stainless steel and a satin finish, and operates through an easy one handed operation assisted by a pull handle and concealed spring. It has a two part adjustable safety strap and an 181kg load capacity which ensures children are protected at all times. £995.95 ex VAT.

recessed stainless steel baby change unit

At SP Hygiene, we have a range of baby changing facilities that are sure to fit the specification you are looking for. To speak to us about your baby changing needs, you can call us on: 0113 245 8157 or email: info@sphygiene.co.uk.



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