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Making the Air Smell Sweet in your Washroom

Date : 06 Sep 2017  ·  Category : All

A bathroom may not sound like the ideal place to breathe deeply and enjoy the fresh air, but there are ways in which you can make your washroom smell sweeter and you’ll be part of a growing trend!  It has officially been revealed that demand for air fresheners is rising, thanks to stable growth over the past five years and innovations in air freshener products, everyone it seems now wants to have their chosen aromas in the bathroom.

London Tops the Air Care List

Those living in the capital are the most concerned about the quality of air they breathe*.  Perhaps being surrounded by the big smoke means Londoners are that bit more aware of the scents around them, which is why they are more likely to use air care products than anyone else. 

Research by Mintel has also showed that those who live with others are more likely to use air freshener products than lone dwellers, so what does this mean for businesses and those who have to provide washroom facilities?

Well, it is simple really.  The more people using your facilities, the greater your need for air freshener products.  The closer you are to London, the more keenly you will need to take this on board, if you believe in the latest research. 

Whatever your location, it is easy and cost effective to make the air in your washrooms smell better and create a more pleasant, clean and fresh environment.

Automatic or Aerosol Air Freshener?


air freshener

When it comes to improving bathroom ambience you have two important choices – use an aerosol air freshener or an automatic dispenser. Both can effectively remove and mask odours, but which is most suitable for your facilities?

Spray air fresheners are the cost-effective solution to washroom odours.  Small and easy to store and simple to use, these products come in a wide range of scents and can last for up to 6 hours.  They are also the popular choice, with over half of Brits saying they have used sprays and aerosols over the last twelve months*.

Automatic air freshener dispensers have the added benefit of keeping the washroom smelling fresh 24 hours a day, thanks to their automatic spray intervals.  These can be set to dispense every five to twenty-five minutes and also feature a quick burst button to give a manual top-up when needed.

If you are worried about air fresheners being removed from your public facility, then opting for the wall mounted automatic dispenser might be the sensible decision.

From coffee to cranberry, citrus to fresh linen, whatever aroma you want, make sure you speak to SP Hygiene today and add air fresheners to your washroom products wish list.

*Statistics taken from Mintel’s Air Care UK 2017 Market Report

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