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Is Your Business Family Friendly? Part 1 - Baby Changing Facilities

Date : 05 Jan 2017  ·  Category : All

For many years in the UK, finding adequate baby changing facilities was like hunting for a needle in a haystack. Luckily, as a nation we have become more attuned to taking our children out and about with us, and businesses have cottoned on to this and have rightly developed areas where a parent can take their child to change their nappy. Let’s face it, lying a mat down on the floor of the pub, restaurant or café was never hygienic or comfortable!

But while we have undoubtedly moved on, there is still room for improvement. Although baby changing facilities are often present in an establishment, very often they are within a women’s toilet area, making them unusable for dad’s out and about with their little ones. Recent research indicates that that this accounts for about half of all provision, so there is scope for improvement.

At SP Hygiene we supply a range of baby changing tables. This means that every business can find something that can be accommodated in the spaces that they have at their disposal, and something that both parents can make use of! In the trade we refer to them as baby changing stations or units. They are wall mounted and are drawn down when used, so space is best utilised. To ensure the safety of the baby, they are also kitted out with safety belts, although parents and carers should never take their eyes off a baby on a baby changing unit because they do like to wriggle and move about a bit when that nappy is taken off! As baby changing areas are often incorporated into existing facilities there may not be a great deal of space to work with so our ranges come in both horizontal and vertical wall mounted options.

A horizontal baby changing station

Businesses know that it pays to be family friendly. Making your baby changing facilities even better, by adding a safe area where a toddler can sit while his or her sibling is having a nappy change, is a great way of improving provision. Whatever you are planning to do to provide or upgrade baby changing facilities within your washrooms take a look at our baby change units, or call us for further information on 0113 245 8157.

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