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Calling All Pubs and Restaurants. Why You Need Top Notch Washroom Facilities

Date : 10 Aug 2017  ·  Category : All

The toilets in your establishment may be the last thing you think about when it comes to facilities and décor, but the fact is, washrooms remain one of the most important places you should focus your attention on.

After all, if you’re customers have just paid for a fancy dinner out, you wouldn’t want a trip to the toilet to leave them feeling queasy and not wanting to return.

There are many things that you should consider when it comes to your washroom facilities – and here, we explore the top toilet topics that are sure to affect your bottom line.


It’s a no brainer that a dirty, uncared for washroom is likely to put customers off. After all, who wants to pay to have a meal out, only to be met with a dingy, understocked toilet that doesn’t look like it’s been cleaned for weeks? With the advance of social media, it’s the kind of scenario that can spell disaster for anyone in the food and drink industry.

Apart from hiring a regular cleaner to do deep cleans, it’s also important to think about potential problems that could arise in the washroom environment. Has your toilet run out of paper towels? Do you have a functioning hand dryer, and enough soap in the dispensers? If a washroom is checked regularly, these things are easy enough to keep on top of and can be tackled before they become a major issue.

hand dryer

Make sure you have unisex baby change facilities

With the advance of the modern family, it’s no longer just mums that need access to baby change facilities. Making sure you have somewhere where men can go and change children is highly important – and not doing so can end in tears. Just look at this video made my Al Ferguson, who made an undercover video about the lack of baby change facilities for dads.

Retain standards throughout the building

It’s no good having a dazzling, superior interior, only to have toilets that don’t look the part. Don’t skimp on your washroom facilities and remember that they too will influence how your customer thinks about you. Many people will retreat to the washroom to touch up their make up or check their appearance – so it’s important to see it as another room in your establishment and not just a toilet.

Facilities that encourage compliance

It’s a sad fact that not everyone bothers to wash their hands after they’ve gone to the toilet. This can have devastating effects on your business by spreading infection among your customers. Using the right washroom technology, like touch free soap dispensers and hand dryers can help increase compliance and protect your customers, staff and profits.

soap dispenser

At SP Hygiene, we’re experts in all things washroom. To find out more about our range and how it can work within your setting, you can call our friendly team on: 0113 245 8157, or email: info@sphygiene.co.uk.

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